Stefanie Hertel is a freelance illustrator, media designer and storyteller, with a playful, sophisticated and expressive signature style. She is based in Munich, GER.

As an illustrator and designer she visualized ideas, so that your vision becomes a reality.

With individual illustrations and several years of experience in International Marketing and Change Management at the BMW Group.

Stefanie holds a degree in media design from the Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences (Munich, GER). Her illustrations are well received throughout the globe and were published in the poetry collection Auf den nächsten Tag süchtig in 2015.

As a child, she wanted to become a wanderer. When she was told, that one can’t live off fresh air and nature alone, she decided to become an artist. Realizing ideas and visualizing stories. 30 years later, that’s what she does.

She is passionate about personal development, wellbeing and meaningfulness and is a certified vinyasa and yin yoga teacher.



Brigitte Wittmer, Switzerland

Für meine neue Website wollte ich etwas, dass mich und meine Arbeit zeigt. Etwas das nicht viele Worte braucht und doch jeder versteht. Mit Liebe und Herz dasteht und erzählt. Und genau das hast du mit mir gemeinsam erschaffen und geschafft. Für weitere Aufträge bist du ganz klar meine Favoritin. Ich kann dich von Herzen und voller Vertrauen weiterempfehlen. Herzlichen Dank für deine Arbeit, die von dir, deinem Fachwissen und Freude umrahmt ist.

Candy Marx, Australia

What a wonderful surprise to receive this today. Stefanie drew me as an 'Inspirational Illustration'. Feeling incredibly honoured and humbled. Thank you, you are a beautiful, talented soul.

Andrea Hannemann, Hawaii

I love it! You are so talented!

Rochelle Odendaal, South Africa

I'm more than just a little blown away by this drawing of me! This is super amazing.